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30 Sketches in 30 Days – Sketch 19, Day 19

Design is the essence of creative self-expression. nowadays in the era of computers and DTP programs it’s surprising the number of ‘creatives’ who actually cannot draw – and the ones who can who have lost touch with the basics and rarely now put pencil to paper.

On creative concept development, sometimes nothing beats grabbing a sketchbook and roughing out a few ideas which you can then take to final concept stage on the computer. But the essence of creative expression has to be inspiration – drawing whatever comes to mind.

We like to think we have creative polymaths on staff. Creatives who can not only conceptualize using digital tools but also maintain that key connection between hand, pencil and brain.

That’s why we invited creatives to submit their drawings and we’re featuring a different one every day for a month. Today’s is from a series entitled ‘Sea Angels’ by Helen Kaye Watts, coloured pencil on cartridge paper.



Visit our Facebook page – Brownstone Cambridge (don’t forget to click ‘Like’ and follow us!) to take a look at the previous 18. Stop by for tomorrow’s sketch and if you want to submit yours – send it to


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