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When we’re talking to clients about their social media a question we get asked a lot is: What exactly is the Blogosphere? The answer is – if you are reading a blog you are in the Blogosphere. The whole term ‘Blogosphere’ started off as a joke way back in 1999 and somehow ended up becoming the accepted term for the interconnected blogs on the web.

What will you discover on the Blogosphere? People. It’s not about the blogs per se although blogs are primarily about personal comments on any variety of subjects. No matter what your interest, you can bet there’s already plenty of people in the Blogosphere blogging away about it. However, your take on the subject may be radically different to theirs even though the subject matter is the same. It is our unique perspective and understanding of a subject or even our world that makes us individuals.

But once we understand how the blogosphere is about people then we can leverage this knowledge to effectively use a blog as a tool to connect and communicate with customers and clients.

How do we find the blogs that interest us? Try Technorati. No, it’s not an evil, super-intelligent alien race intent on intergalactic domination (although it might be, we just haven’t found their blog that outlines their plans for this yet). Technorati is a search engine that trawls blogs the same way Google searches web pages. Looking for a blog on Bee Keeping in Southern Cambodia? If it exists, Technorati will seek it out. All you bee keepers of Southern Cambodia, take note.

It’s all too easy to forget that people are what fuel the blogosphere or any other digital media.

If you found us on a random search – tell us how you got here and if you have a blog of your own that you think we should know about, tell us about it.

Blog on!



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