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Why success of your site depends on attracting killer spiders

Killer website design is only half the story when creating a successful digital presence. Think of your website like an iceberg. This is the 1/10th of your digital presence that the visitor or customer sees and interacts with. And like an iceberg, it’s what lies beneath the surface – that hidden 9/10th, that makes up your digital presence and will drive those visitors to your site.

What we’re talking about is Search Engine Optimisation. That over-used term and little understood tool that can make all the difference between merely having a presence on the web and attracting repeat visitors, enquiries and sales. This is the reason why companies should take their SEO seriously – having a great looking site counts for nothing if people don’t know you’re there.

So, how does SEO work? Here’s where it all gets like a bit like something from The Matrix. Search engines constantly send out ‘spiders’ – these ‘spiders’ look at millions of web pages each day for the words and phrases that have been typed into the search engine. Pages that contain these words are then recorded by the spiders and recorded on their database of links. It’s this database as opposed to the web as a whole, that the search engine refers to each time someone starts a search. Links within the database are ranked according to their relevance to the specific words of the search.

So when the spiders are scurrying around your site they need to be able to easily find the kind of key words people would type into the search engine when looking for your product or service. The more words the spiders can find, the higher your site will rank in search results.

Now most people think that merely by making sure the spiders can find plenty of key words, this is all they need do when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation. Unfortunately, there’s a lot more to it than fly words. Kicking up at the top of a search requires constant monitoring of the algorithms search engines use. These parameters change constantly which is why you need a dedicated SEO specialist whose job it is to stay abreast of these changes. This is one of the key differences between website design and SEO specialisation  and this often causes confusion and lack of understanding amongst clients.

At Brownstone we employ specialist web designers and SEO professionals and we understand the difference each area of expertise makes with regards to site traffic.


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