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Competition Results

The votes ended up being really close with just 3 votes difference between Against the Grain Initiatives and Magic Solver.

We had some great reasons for voting, I have attached a few of these below for you to have a look at.

The final count was as follows: Against the Grain Initiatives in at first place with 82 votes, Magic Solver coming in at second with 79 votes and Campkins coming in third.

Quotes from votes:
MS: ‘Having reviewed your blog post for your competition, I’d like to suggest Magic Solver as the most likely to do something “really big” as a result. Cool concept by the way – getting each of the finalists to tell everyone about it, thus making us all identify you as a web design company worth winning from!’

MS: ‘A really EXCELLENT and successful young company – worthy of an award for entrepreneurship as well as design and creativity.’

MS: ‘Magic Solver should really win the Brownstone Design competition.
The company is great and deserves all financial support for making
so many people happy with their great applications.’

ATGI: ‘Against the Grain initiatives is an innovative, ethically sound and newsworthy business with excellent PR and growth potential. I have to say that I cannot think of a more worthy winner of a professionally designed web site than Graham Haynes and his crew.

Best wishes – and here’s hoping that an email can make a difference to help a worthy venture.’

ATGI: ‘I vote for the Against The Grain Initiative – I feel Against the Grain should win the £3500 branding competition to have a professional web site built for their new social enterprise to train and employ homeless and ex homeless people. I know the people behind Against the Grain and feel they have the skills, knowledge, experience and personal skills to succeed with their enterprise which will make a huge difference to a very vulnerable and marginalised client group and they need the web site to help succeed with what they are doing and be able to publicise some very innovative and excellent work.’

ATGI: ‘One charity and two businesses … charity for me (is anyone going to vote differently?)

To confirm – Against the Grain Initiatives gets my vote.

The competition is a great idea.’

ATGI: ‘I also worked with homeless people for a number of years, and realise the obstacles faced when trying to integrate into the community. Providing housing is not the only solution – a long-term sustainable answer is needed to solve the problems and ATGI are the first to come up with a realistic plan.

I know that they are unable to achieve their full potential at the moment, as they do not have the funds to build a website and spread the word, advertising themselves to clients and contractors alike.

The prize money offered by yourselves in the branding competition would enable them to complete their website, reaching potential funders, housing providers, and contractors who wish to fulfil their social responsibilities by employing people who would otherwise not have a chance to contribute to our society.

Please give ATGI your consideration, when deciding to whom this should be awarded – their work is unique, and could provide a template for other organisations across the country to provide a resolution for the problem of long term homelessness and benefit dependency.’

ATGI ‘Excellent concept working with professional people to include individuals that need support in order to encourage a focus and sense of well being to peoples lives.

This organization is well deserving of support and financial help in order to continue the works in progress.’

ATGI: ‘I would like to vote for Against the Grain Initiatives
They have worked so so hard over the past year to make this an up and coming idea they would really benefit from your help’

ATGI: ‘I totally support the ideology and aims of Against the Grain and I know that their organisation is doing something exciting and new and of great value to people who are often and easily written off and marginalised. A professional website would be an excellent bonus to the execution of this fantastic venture.’

ATGI: ‘I have just seen the competition you have going and see there can only be one clear winner. Although I do see the importance of camera equipment and iPhone apps, I believe that including, promoting opportunities, and sustaining the lives of people to be a slightly higher priority.

I’m sure the retail camera shop must be turning a profit to maintain overheads on two locations (City Centre Cambridge) and could find their own marketing budget.

I may be a little bias, as I work in social care. It’s so encouraging to see that there are opportunities for the people I support everyday to have a chance to support themselves with the help of companies like ATGI. They are obviously the most deserving, and being not-for-profit, see this as an amazing and possibly the only opportunity for them to have access to the services you provide.

Just think, with your support, ATGI could get more contracts and employ more people. Then all ATGI’s employees could buy an iPhone and a camera, and all three companies win!

My vote is for ATGI’

ATGI: ‘I am writing in support of Against the Grain Initiatives who are offering a truly innovative opportunity to long term homeless people, enabling them to leave the benefit cycle, the hostel environment and the inability to earn a sufficient living to be independent.‘


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