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Get it Don! Mad Men Returns

We’re so excited we just can’t be bothered to hide it.


Yes, Mad Men is back with ours (and everybody else’s) favourite Creative Director Don Draper. As to what will happen to Don in season five – there’s no spoilers here or anywhere else for that matter due to series creator Matthew Weiner asking reviewers who have seen the two hour opening episode of the new series not to give away any ‘key story lines’. However one bold individual did leak the fact that there is – surprise surprise – a party.

So, we are all left waiting to discover what will happen to Don’s new trophy fiance, whether Joan has her baby and more importantly – what will happen to Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce after the loss of the Lucky Strike account. Will Don quit lighting up in protest? Somehow we doubt it.

But if we’re talking brand identity, let’s take a look at Don – on the surface of it the man who has it all – money, talent, charisma, aforementioned trophy fiancé (sorry Megan, but we’re not putting any money on how long your engagement is going to last!). But wait – Don’s not really Don now is he? Don is actually Dick Wickman who took advantage of a unique opportunity during the Korean war to engage in a little re-branding exercise. Bye bye Dick – hello Mr. Draper. However, sometimes it seems even Don’s not convinced by his own attempt to re-position his brand as he spends a lot of time wracked with guilt or with Anna Draper when she was alive (we can also say that his proposal to Megan may have been prompted by Anna’s death – it’s never good to be anybody’s re-bound!).

What will season five bring? We can only speculate. Will Pete Campbell’s ambition be curtailed by fatherhood or indeed, his inability to manipulate his father-in-law into giving the agency accounts? If Joan has her baby what will her maternity wardrobe look like? Will Peggy get over her disappointment at Don’s engagement?  How have the writer’s coped with January Jones’ (Betty Draper) real-life pregnancy in the script?

In the interim, for anyone out there looking for some style or personal advice from the man who has been named as the Most Influential Man of 2009 (beating President Obama), you can write to Don at

For your advertising needs however, we recommend you email or call us here at Brownstone as Don may be a little busy.


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