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Three New Year’s Resolutions All Marketers Need to Embrace

Let’s face is – media doesn’t need the excuse of a New Year to innovate but here are three major lessons we’ve learned in 2012 that all advertisers and marketers need to embrace for 2013.

1. Integration

We need to understand that integration is the way of the future and that media streams are evolving so fast that our marketing, advertising and social media strategies cannot continue to operate in silos. Companies must embrace integrated marketing or risk being left in the digital Jurassic era. Your customers expect your brand to be everywhere and this requires consistent messaging across all your media and an increased emphasis on real-time marketing. So, your strategy for 2013 needs to include advertising, social media, PR and where appropriate event and experiential components. All these activities need to be tied into your long-term brand goals and not just elements such as social media growth. Because getting 200 more likes on your Facebook page doesn’t count if you don’t have the strategy behind them to turn them into something of real value for your business.

2. Get Comfortable With A Faster Than the Speed of a Mouse Click and Have a Plan B

Traditionally companies have invested millions of dollars and time into brainstorming and fine-tuning the perfect pitch or slogan. What we’ve seen this year is that things move faster than the speed of a mouse click online –  memes are instantly created, and the best laid marketing plans can become stale before the first tweet is sent, or worse, can be hijacked to the detriment of the brand. Don’t believe me? Look at Starbucks latest hangtag campaign in the UK which turned into global brand-bashing.

The best plans of 2013 have to be seen as the first draft, with the expectation that things will change quickly. Having a rapid response plan, and the ability to make quick changes is a must in 2013.

3. Design Is the Next Killer App

In the physical world, packaging and design matters. Consumers like pretty and interesting things; this has enabled companies with the best packaging to outsell competition for generations. The famous and viral Old Spice campaign is, in many ways, an extension of the product’s physical brand packaging for the Internet.

If the majority of potential new customers will likely first experience your brand online, why not think as much about online design as the packaging that catches their eye on store shelves? Invest in design now as social networks are placing greater emphasis on visuals – you have only to look at Facebook’s $1 billion acquisition of Instagram to see where this is all heading. However, good design gives your brand all the more ability to stand out.

4. One final (frontier) word:


We can all learn from what others are doing well. The most influential person on Facebook is actor and director George Takei (Sulu from Star Trek). He has beamed into Facebook and made it his own personal planet if you like. How? By reposting continuous positive and upbeat messages. And there’s the final lesson for the final digital frontier – make your messaging positive in 2013!